• iPhone Screen Repair

    Dropping your phone can be disastrous. But it doesn’t mean you need a new phone. We can replace cracked and broken screens on the spot.

  • Blackberry LCD Repair

    Is your screen “bleeding”, dim or just plain white? It doesn’t mean your phone is bad, it could be your screen. We replace LCD screens on site.

  • Cell Phone Water Damage

    Phones get wet. We keep them in pockets – they go through the wash, they jump into the pool with us; they fall into unmentionable places. Before you toss your wet phone away bring it to Cell Care. We can fix most liquid damage.

  • Tablet Repairs

    If your tablet won’t turn on or the cracked screen gets in your way, bring your broken device into Cell Care and let us replace the digitizer, clean it up and restore it into working condition.

    • LCD
    • LCD / Glass Digitizer
    • Battery